We offer invoice review services with the objective to enable our clients to make well-informed, equitable payment decisions. 2 options are available: our standard invoice review and our extended invoice review.

Our standard invoice review services include:

  • Extensive coding review and repricing in line with respective fee schedules (DRG, GoÄ, etc.)
  • Usual, customary and reasonable review
  • Contractual provider discount application
  • Fraud and abuse detection
  • Identification of improper billing practices, such as upcoding, code “unbundling” and billing for incidental procedures, and the detection of duplicate billings on invoice level.

Our review results will be fully documented and provided to our clients together with a next steps proposal.

Other tasks such as requesting additional documents from provider, requesting invoice adjustments or discussing invoices over the phone with the provider’s billing department rests with our clients.

With our extended invoice review services we also take care of all additional tasks (mentioned above). Once a final settlement agreement has been reached, we will ask our clients to initiate payment / partial payment. A Power of Attorney on a case basis would be required in order to make the provider accept us as a negotiation partner.