The healthcare system in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is one of the best in the world, thanks to its affordability, accessibility, and primary care. There are plenty of choices for expats as these countries have one of the highest ratios of doctors per inhabitants, meaning that residents generally have more choice wherever they live in comparison to other countries.

However, finding the right doctor or hospital can be a challenge if expats are unfamiliar with the location or if they struggle with the German language. Finding the best facility for a particular case is difficult even for local people.

We offer unique services to help

  • expats with medical needs to maneuver the sometimes overwhelming healthcare systems, and
  • insurance companies to better manage administrative and coverage related procedures.

Tasks include:

  • individual advice and assistance concerning the selection of the most appropriate facility under cost and quality aspects,
  • the coordination of treatment with expat, medical provider and payor concerning appointments and treatments,
  • the coordination of treatment concerning complications, extension of stay requests or rehabilitation planning (case management),
  • the arrangement of direct settlement agreements with medical providers,
  • the technical and medical review of medical invoices as well as the payment of expenses approved / covered by the payor,
  • the explanation of benefits towards the patient regarding non-covered services and related payments.